There are several ways to export subtitles.


Save as

The easiest way to export subtitles, in the subtitler, is by using menu Track / Save as.

However, this option only allows to export scripts (text), and one track at the time.



The exporter is an element that stores all the needed information to export subtitles.

It specifies which tracks to export, how subtitles will look like, the file format to export, additional export parameters, how to segment the files, and more.


Tags are used to specify the design of the subtitles, as well as the target formats.


Creating an exporter

In the subtitler, under the Exporter menu, there are several options to create an exporter.

You can create an empty exporter, load one from a file, or create one based on a preset.


Once you created an exporter, in its context menu select Edit to edit it.

In the tags tab, add or modify its tags.

Use the export tab to preview and export subtitles.


Exporters can be saved as presets. In this way you avoid creating it from scratch every time.



An exporter can be used to preview subtitles in the monitor. This allows to see your subtitles exactly as they will be exported.

To use en exporter, display its context menu and select "use".


Export wizard

The export wizard helps to export tracks using an exporter.


The wizard is available via:

Menu File / Export, in the subtitler.

Menu Track / Export.

Menu Export wizard in project's context menu.


In the wizard, just select the tracks to export, and the exporters to use.

Directly from the wizard you can also add exporters to your project using presets.