Default player

Specifies the default video player.



If enabled, the player will adjust the time position after pausing or stopping.

This option may increase frame accuracy.


Overlay alpha threshold

Specifies the alpha threshold for subpictures overlaid on the video.

A value of 64 means that pixels with alpha less than 64 will be removed.

This option works only with ActiveX players (QuickTime).


Quick mode

It optimizes the overlay for ActiveX players.


Render all frames

If enabled, the monitor will be refreshed each time the time position changes.

If disabled, the monitor will be refreshed only when the clip to be displayed is different.


Multi-threaded monitor preview

Specifies if the monitor will render its content using several threads.

This option accelerates monitor preview, mainly when displaying remapped images, overlays and stereoscopic content.


Multi-threaded pixel operations

Specifies if pixel operations will be executed in several threads, and the maximum number of threads to use.

This includes, color remapping, bitmap effects, fadings, and more.


Multi-threaded image cropping

If enabled, images are cropped multi-threading.

A performance improvement is noticed with images larger than HD 1080.



Use image cache

Specifies if loaded images will be stored in memory.


Image cache size

Specifies the maximum number of images to store.


Load all subpictures

Loads into the buffer all the subpictures in the current track.


Auto load all subpictures

If enabled, when a project is opened, all its subpictures are loaded into the buffer.


Clear image cache

Erases the image cache.


Auto clear image cache

Erases the image cache when a project is closed


Release memory

These settings instruct the render engine to release memory continuously.


Render engine HD/2K

Memory is released if the rendered image is HD, 2K or smaller.

This setting may slow down your system. In most of the cases you do not need to enable this option.


Render engine larger than HD/2K

Memory is released if the rendered image is 4K or larger.