Check for updates

If enabled, the application checks for updates at start-up.


Default help

Specifies the default help documentation.


If none is selected, a dialog will be displayed to select a help document.

Press Del to remove the selection.


Maximum progress messages

Indicates the maximum messages the progress window may display.


Maximum console lines

Indicates the maximum lines the console window may contain.

When the maximum is reached, the console cleans automatically.


Show shell UI

If enabled, shell executables will show their user interface.

For example, the FFmpeg will display its window and you will be able to see its progress.


Shell priority

Specifies the priority used for launched system processes.

For example, for FFmpeg.


Release memory

Releases as much resources as possible.


Clear undo buffer

Erases all the undo levels.


Clear image cache

Erases the image cache.




Show debug errors

Indicates if important debug errors will be displayed.


Show detailed exceptions

Indicates if error messages will include additional debugging information.


Log progress messages

If enabled, all messages displayed in the progress windows are also sent to the log file.


Log console

If enabled, all console output will be sent to the log file.


Experimental features

Indicates which test features are enabled.