There are 2 factors that must be present in order to make a subtitle right-to-left.


The render engine must draw all texts from right-to-left.

The render engine must assemble all text runs from right to left.



There are several methods to make your text right-to-left.



Add the paragraph right-to-left tag to your subtitle, track or project.


This tag does 2 functions:

Sets the font right-to-left.

Sets the paragraph flow to right-to-left.


You can achieve the same result by adding 2 individual tags: paragraph flow right-to-left and font right-to-left on.



Add the {prtl} markup to your subtitle text.

This is equivalent to the tag explained above.


Unicode marks

You can add direction markers to your text.

These are invisible Unicode characters that indicate where a right-to-left segment starts and ends.


To achieve this, use the directionality utility.

Usually code Right-to-left override is used to indicate the beginning of the segment, and Pop directional formatting to indicate the end.


Some fonts, like Arial, have visible glyphs for directional codes. So, they will appear on screen.

In this case, use tags instead.