The presets editor displays the available presets, and allows to create, modify or remove them.



Double-click a preset to edit it.

Built-in presets cannot be edited. You can create a copy of it (save it as) and modify the copy.




New preset

Creates a new preset file.



Saves the current preset.


Save as

Saves the current preset with a different name and ID.



Deletes the current preset.


Open folders

Opens the folder where the presets are located.


Refresh list

Reloads the presets.


Show preview

Opens the preview window.



Specifies the name of the preset.



Specifies the ID the for preset. The ID must be unique for each preset.

If the preset has a duplicated ID, use the "generate new ID" button to change it.



Displays the hierarchy of the preset.


Presets can be placed in groups. To create a group, open the presets folder, create a new folder, and move your preset files into it.



Specifies in which contexts the preset ca be used.



The preset can be used to modify the visual properties of subtitles.

Subtitles track creation

The preset can be used as template to create new subtitle tracks.

Exporter creation

The preset can be used as template to create new exporters.


The preset can be used to analyze subtitles.

Auto apply

The preset can be auto applied to tracks.



The tags panel allows to add, remove and edit the tags in the preset.