Launch the subtitler.


The subtitler offers 3 different ways to start a project:

Create a new empty project.

Create a new project using the wizard (recommended).

Import a subtitles file.



Open the project wizard by clicking menu File / Project wizard.


Fill in the fields in the wizard. The most important ones are:


Frame rate

Base time




All these values can be changed later on, however, there are recommendations:

Choose the right frame rate already at this point. To change it later may affect your times.

If you do not know the right duration of your project, enter a large duration.



To be able to create subtitles, you need to create a track first.

There are different kinds of tracks, but in most of the cases you will work with subtitles tracks.


To create a subtitles track, use menu Track / Create / Add new empty subtitles track.



In the explorer tab you can see your projects and the tracks you have created.


You can right-click an element to display its context menu.




If you want to create subtitles, you need to activate the track first.

Only one track can be active at a time. The active one is displayed in the explorer with a red highlight.



To activate a track, double-click its icon, or click Use in its context menu.



There are several ways to create a subtitle:

In the timeline, right-click on the track to display its context menu, and select Add new subtitle.

Or use shortcut F5.



Once you have created a subtitle, you can use the subtitle editor tab to modify it.