DVD remapping

DVD subpictures should be rendered using the linear composition mode. This results in a better antialias.


Character spacing

The character spacing property does not affect the subtitles visually.

It is used only when a file format requires it.



The spell checker may require that your track has a localized language.

For example, setting the language to "Swedish" may not be enough, you may need to select "Swedish Sweden".



The M-Jpeg codec supports a resolution up to 1280×720.



The iTunes format exports underlined text as yellow.


Explorer drag and drop

It is possible to drag and drop tracks in the explorer tool.

However, this is not possible if the track is or contains a reference track.


AVI with captions

To convert caption files to AVI, use the batch program.

Just create a render job and use built-in AVI Line-21 preset.


Stereoscopic mirror

The stereoscopic mirror does not support several video conversions:

Checkerboard → Side by side

Interlaced row → Side by side

Top & Bottom → Side by side