This job renders subtitles using a specific preset.


This job uses a preset to specify the export format, and to optionally modify the properties of the subtitles (font name, font size, etc).

(This preset is used to create an exporter).


Optionally, it can also use a macro to do modifications to the subtitles (offset times, remove spaces, etc).


Parameters / Import


Specifies the format to use to import the files. Some formats display additional parameters.


Auto detect

Analyzes the files and find the best format for them.


Parameters / Render


Specifies a preset to use to render the subtitles.

This preset must contain at least one export tag that specify a file format to export.



If enabled, the preset is used to analyze the project. Errors will be reported.



Specifies the macro to use to process the subtitles.


Export folder

Specifies the destination folder for the converted scripts.