It is possible to export two tracks combined.



Create a new folder and move your tracks into it.


You may need to add 3 tags to the folder:



Children depth

(Export / Parameters)

Select the All descendants option.


This tag helps to export the folder.

Normally, when exporting a folder, you get nothing exported, because folders do not contain subtitles.

This tag forces to render/export the subtitles in the underneath tracks.


Paragraph stacking

(Design / Effects)


This tag is optional.

It stacks the text of the subtitles that overlap.

This tag is recommended when exporting images, otherwise subtitles may overlap visually.


Merge keyframes by time

(Export / Parameters)


This tag is optional.

When exporting, it merges all subtitles that overlap in time.

This tag is recommended if your tracks have subtitles with the same timecodes.



When exporting, export the folder, not the tracks.




To invert the order in which the tracks appear:

Reorder the tracks in the folder.

Or use the Reversed option in the Paragraphs stacking tag.