This tag allows to export UltraViolet text subtitles.


If you select to export using the 1.0.7 specs, you can also enable best practices. This option automatically overrides some parameters in the script to meet the "best practices" specs.


When the best practices are enabled:


The script will contain 2 regions, named “top” and “bottom”. Raised subtitles will use the top region. The rest of the subtitles will use the bottom one.

Otherwise, (when best practices is turned off) the script has only one region, and the subtitles use the displayAlign="before" attribute to get raised.


The fontSize attribute is forced to “120%”.


The fontFamily attribute is forced to “proportionalSansSerif”.


The lineHeight attribute is forced to “112%”.


The color attribute is forced to “#CDCDCDFF”.


The textOutline attribute is forced to “black 4%” (if the outline property is enabled).


The backgroundColor attribute is forced to “transparent”.


The progressivelyDecodable attribute is included and set to “true”.


In image subtitles, the origin and extent attributes are expressed in percent, not in pixels.


The best practices document also indicates that the text should be forced to centered (textAlign="center"). This point is deprecated because of use of different alignments is still a common practice.