Subtitles are clips that contain text and other information.


Subtitles can be flagged to change their behavior. They can be flagged as forced, italic, raised, and more.



Stores the editable text. It consists of paragraphs, lines and runs, as well as inline formatting.



It is a group of text lines.


It is possible to have more than one paragraph with different formatting in a subtitle.

Read more about this here.



It is a group of characters.

If segments of the line have different formatting, the line will be divided in several text runs.


Lines can be empty too.



It is a collection of characters with the same formatting.



Stores binary information.

It may be closed captions bytes, or blu-ray encoded text.



Points to an image file. It also stores the position of the picture.


Reference text

Stores a text that is used as reference. This is usually the original language to be translated.